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We're taking on Jet Lag.

We believe long-haul travel should be effortless — and that it’s time to take on jet lag.

By combining trailblazing sports science with world-class culinary expertise, we’ve developed a data-driven product that takes on travel fatigue — and wins.

We’re on a journey to make long-distance air travel easy and enjoyable and we’re taking a global community of travelers with us.

Launching in September. 

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How does the Flight Pack work?

  • PREP

    PREP is a super-hydrator. Essentially, this drink prepares you to step on-board your flight. 

  • REST

    REST ensures that your body has optimal conditions for quality sleep and recovery. 

  • WAKE

    WAKE will help you recover and re-energize after a long flight. Whether you are traveling with your family or for an important business meeting, we will make you overcome jet lag as fast as possible. 

Did you know that

The humidity in an airline cabin is three times as dry as the Sahara desert?

Or that the cabin pressure equals the top of Macchu Pichu?

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